violet parr

Real Name: Violet Parr
Super Name: n/a
Powers: Invisibility & Force Fields
Height: 4'6"
Weight: 90 lbs

Violet is the oldest of the Parr children. It's probably appropriate that one of her powers is invisibility, considering the fact that she is a shy teenage girl. She would have enough to deal with being a normal person, but add having super powers to that, and you can imagine how much more awkward she feels. Especially around Tony Rydinger, the boy she has a crush on.

Though Violet has expressed a desire to be a normal human being, she doesn't hesiate to use her powers at times. Especially when fighting with her brother Dash. It can be quite handy creating force fields for your younger brother to smack into at high speeds! However, there are times when she does hesitate to use them, whether it's lack of faith in herself or simply doing what she's been told.

Violet grows to be a more confident girl by the end of the movie. Having survived an adventure on a dangerous island with her family, she embraces her Super status. And she grows as a regular girl too, finally being able to talk to Tony and even set a date with him.

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