buddy pine aka syndrome

Real Name: Buddy Pine
"Super" Name: Syndrome
Powers: Unlimited Budget
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185 lbs

Syndrome was formerly known as Buddy Pine. As a young boy, he idolized Mr. Incredible, so much so that he wanted to be his sidekick. He called himself "Incrediboy", and used his inventing skills to create his own "powers". Though he tried to be a help to Mr. Incredible, Buddy only ended up causing him trouble. So, Mr. Incredible told him, "Fly home, Buddy. I work alone." This ate Buddy up inside, and he eventually grew bitter toward Mr. Incredible and all other Supers.

Buddy took on the alias Syndrome, and made his own life on Nomanisan Island, where he would build near-indestructible robots. Through those robots, he was responsible for the deaths of many Supers, a group which he could never belong to despite having his own self-made super powers. He meets his match, though, in Mr. Incredible, the one Super with whom he has a less than pleasant history. The Parr family (and Frozone) defeat the robot which Syndrome had unleashed on Metroville, which he did in order to make himself look like a hero (as he had planned on using his knowledge of the robot's workings to destroy it himself).

Syndrome's life comes to an end after he tries to kidnap the youngest Parr, Jack-Jack, in a final attempt to get back at the Incredibles. His cape gets caught in the engine of his jet plane, sucking him in. It's too bad he didn't get Edna's advice about not having a cape on his suit. Though Syndrome is gone, the Parrs still have bad guys to fight.

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