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After Syndrome leaves, Violet uses her force field to break out of the restraints and then set the rest of her family free. The Parrs have to find a quick way back home, quicker than a plane. So, with help from Mirage, they take another rocket back to Metroville to stop Syndrome in his tracks. As it turns out, Syndrome's plan goes awry when the robot decides it doesn't want to be controlled. It ends up knocking Syndrome out cold and goes on to wreak havoc on the city.

When the Parrs arrive in Metroville, Bob doesn't want any of them to help him. He doesn't want to lose them again, telling Helen he's "not strong enough". But Helen simply replies that if they work together, he doesn't have to be. The Omnidroid shows up and nearly kills Violet and Dash, but Violet's force field and Bob's incredible strength save them. They work together as a family to take the Omnidroid out, and get extra help when Frozone shows up. The Omnidroid is finally defeated when one of its own arms, which has been detached, penetrates it and shuts it down. Syndrome wakes up just in time to see the Parrs and Frozone being congratulated by several onlookers.

On the way home, Rick Dicker, who works for the NSA, tells the Parrs that Syndrome's assets have been frozen, and it is up to the politicians to figure out if the Supers can come out of hiding. But a worried Helen has been calling the babysitter only to get strange messages, in which the babysitter gets increasingly panicked by Jack-Jack's behavior until finally she thanks the Parrs for sending another sitter out, which they did not. Just at this moment they arrive home to find Syndrome about to kidnap Jack-Jack. He freezes the Parrs and makes for his waiting plane, only to be caught off guard when little Jack-Jack turns into a ball of fire, a demon and then into solid metal. Syndrome drops the baby from hundreds of feet in the air, but Bob throws Helen up to catch him. Not letting Syndrome get away, Bob throws his car up at the plane. Syndrome's cape catches in the jet's engine, and he is sucked in. The plane explodes and the debris falls to earth, just as Helen and Jack-Jack land. The smoked clears to reveal that Violet has put up a force field, shielding them all from danger.

It is three months later. The Parrs are at a track meet for Dash, where he comes in second place (by his family's recommendation). As they are leaving the stadium, the ground shakes and a large drill machine comes up out of the parking lot. A small man on top of the drill identifies himself as the Underminer, and declares war on peace and happiness. Bob turns to Helen, Violet and Jack-Jack to see that they all have their masks on, as does Dash, who is sitting on his shoulders. Bob puts his on as well, and in the final shot we see him open his shirt to reveal his supersuit underneath.

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