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Mr. Incredible is in Syndrome's clutches now. Syndrome says that he was impressed with Bob's clever trick in the cave, but was disappointed when he called for help. He plays the tape of Helen's radio transmission to the island. Bob recognizes the voice as Helen's, and Syndrome sends out the missiles to take down the plane. Even when Helen tells them that there are children aboard, Syndrome doesn't call off the missiles. Mirage confirms that the plane has been hit and destroyed. Syndrome reminds Mr. Incredible that he prefers to "work alone", and turns away. Despite being restrained, Bob is able to move his arms and grab at Syndrome. But Mirage pushes him out of the way and is caught instead. Bob threatens to crush her, which doesn't faze Syndrome at all, but he only lets her go and breaks down as Syndrome and a shaken Mirage walk away.

Not a second before the plane was destroyed, Helen uses her elasticity to stretch out and cover her children from the explosion. They fall to the ocean below, where Helen again stretches out to form a parachute and land them safely in the water, where the kids begin to freak out. After calming them down, Helen forms a plan. She turns her body into a makeshift boat, with Violet riding on back and Dash using his super speed to motor them to the island, which they find by following the missile trails. Once there, Helen has the kids hide in a cave while she looks for Bob.

Mirage has come to let Mr. Incredible go. Once out of his restraints, he beings to choke Mirage, asking her "How could you possibly bring me lower?" But once she tells him his family is alive and on the island, Mr. Incredible lets her go and even hugs her. It is at that moment that Helen finds Bob, and believes all her previous suspicions that Bob was cheating on her. She punches Mirage, but Bob is quick to affirm his faith to her and gives her a kiss. But they have more toubles, as the kids have triggered an alarm on the island and security has gone after them.

Violet and Dash use their super powers to evade and eventually fight off Syndrome's guards. While running through the forest under the protection of Violet's force field, they run into their parents. As a family, they continute to fight against the guards until Syndrome intervenes. He looks them all over and realizes that Mr. Incredible married Elastigirl and "got busy" (seeing the children). He then imprisons all of them and tells them of his plot to unleash the Omnidroid on Metroville. Since he created it, he knows how to stop it. And he will do so, to make himself look like a hero.

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