the story

Helen is at Edna's house, where she is being shown all the suits Edna has made for the Parr family. Since Helen has no idea (yet) that Bob is doing hero work, she is confused by the display and questions Edna on it, who then questions why Helen doesn't know about said hero work. When asked if she knows where Bob is, Helen doesn't respond.

After getting out of the cave, Bob heads to the island faciliy headquarters, knocking out guards as necessary. He enters the room where he and Mirage had dinner and attempts to get into the secret room guarded by a wall of lava. Just as he is about enter (using an Easter Island head for protection from the lava), the wall opens up and out steps Mirage. Bob makes a dash for it and gets into the room, which turns out to be a large computer viewing area. The password ends up being KRONOS, the word he discovered earlier in the cave. Bob looks through several files to discover that many Supers have been killed by the various Omnidroid models. He also finds out that Syndrome is planning to send an Omnidroid to Metroville via rocket.

Meanwhile, still at Edna's, Helen has found out that Bob is no longer employed at Insuracare. Edna asks her if she would like to find out where Bob is, since each of the Parrs' supersuits is equipped with a homing device. Helen presses the button that will show her Bob's location. Right at that moment, Bob is about to leave the computer room when the device in his suit begins to beep and blink, triggering a security alarm. Large, sticky black balloon-type objects are shot at him from the walls and he is captured, his last sight being Mirage come to see who the intruder is.

Back at the Parr house, Helen is packing a suitcase. She tells Violet that she needs to look for Bob, and that Violet is in charge while she's gone. Dash comes across their supersuits and quickly gets his on, and gives Violet her suit. Helen calls an old friend, Snug, and asks him if she can borrow a jet. It is on this jet which Violet and Dash end up stowing away, to Helen's surprise and understandable anger. Worried about Jack-Jack, Helen calls the babysitter Violet and Dash hired to check on him when an even more unpleasant surprise turns up - missilies targeted on their plane.

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