the story

Mr. Incredible returns to Nomanisan Island. Mirage is there to meet him, and tells him to go to the conference room for a briefing on his next assignment. Meanwhile, back in Metroville, Helen has discovered that Bob's old supersuit has been fixed, and immediately knows Edna was the one who did it. So she calls her up, and before Helen knows it, Edna is insisting she come over for a visit.

On Nomanisan, Mr. Incredible enters the conference room for his assignment only to find that it's empty. While waiting, a wall of the room opens up, and a newer version of the Omnidroid appears. It grabs Mr. Incredible and tosses him around a bit before finally grabbing him and coming very close to cutting him at the neck. Finally, the mysterious owner of the island appears. He looks like a Super, as he is wearing a suit (complete with cape) and mask, and also appears to be flying. He explains that he had to go through many Supers to get the Omnidroid ready to fight him, Mr. Incredible, but that it was worth it. He then says something that reveals to Bob who he is: "I am your biggest fan."

It turns out the man is Buddy Pine, who many years ago used to idolize Mr. Incredible and even called himself "Incrediboy". But back then, Mr. Incredible told Buddy to "Fly home.. I work alone." Buddy grew bitter and decided he didn't need any heroes. He could be his own hero with his inventions, which, aside from a few gadgets that give him Super-like powers, are deadly weapons. He even has a new name: Syndrome.

Syndrome accidentally throws Mr. Incredible a good distance away, where he makes a run for it and jumps off a cliff into a lake. Syndrome sends a bomb after him, but Bob is able to escape it by hiding in a dry underwater cave. There he finds the skeleton of the Super Gazerbeam. Bob follows the skull's gaze to see that the word "KRONOS" has been carved into the opposite wall. It is then that a small droid enters the cave and scans it for life forms. Bob hides behind Gazerbeam's skeleton so the scanner won't sense him. Thanks to his quick thinking, Syndrome now thinks Mr. Incredible has been destroyed.

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