the story

Mr. Incredible takes a plane to the island, which is named Nomanisan. Mirage rides with him and fills him on what exactly is going on. The Omnidroid 9000's artifical intelligence caused it to take on a mind of its own, and it is now causing so much havoc on the island that the personnel had to be evacuated. Mr. Incredible needs to shut it down quickly, as it is a learning robot and will mimic his moves in order to take him out. Mr. Incredible is dropped off on the island via a small pod from the plane. He begins his search for the Omnidroid and soon finds it. Or rather, it finds him.

The Omnidroid turns out to be as tough as Mirage says, but Mr. Incredible finally shuts it down by climbing inside of it, where one of the robot's arms strikes and pulls out its own inner workings. This is all caught on video, which is being watched by an unkown person who tells Mirage they must bring Mr. Incredible back, and also to invite him to dinner. This strange figure does not appear at the dinner, so Mirage and Mr. Incredible dine alone, where Mr. Incredible learns a little bit (and I do mean a little) about his host and the island on which he resides.

Over the next several weeks, Bob appears to be a lot happier. He is playing with his children and he and Helen are seen being affectionate with one another. Bob is working out and brings a new car home for himself and for Helen. Thanks to his secret Super work, it seems life is good.

There's just one problem.. Mr. Incredible's supersuit is torn. So he visits fashion genius Edna Mode to get it repaired. Edna is surprised to see him, but is quick to offer to make him a new suit (in addition to fixing his old one). Good thing, too, because shortly thereafter, Bob is called on another mission on Nomanisan Island.

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