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The Incredibles follows the story of the Parrs, a family of super heroes (referred to as "Supers" in the film) who must live a life of normalcy thanks to the government's ban on any super hero action. We learn that this ban was enacted when "regular" humans brought up a bunch of legal issues with the Supers and decided they no longer wanted their help. One such issue is seen early on in the film, when Bob Parr, aka Mr. Incredible, saves a man who was attempting to commit suicide by jumping off a building. The man claimed, "You [Mr. Incredible] didn't save my life, you ruined my death!"

Fast-forward fifteen years. Bob misses the glory days of being a Super and fighting crime. He's stuck in a dead-end job as an insurance agent and leading a rather normal life in the city of Metroville with his wife, Helen (the Super Elastigirl), and their three children, Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack.

To fight off the monotony, Bob and his good friend Lucius Best (another Super known as Frozone) do vigilante work on the side. They listen to police scanners and, when possible, try and save the day. It's definitely more fun for Bob than for Lucius, who suggests they actually do what they tell their wives they are doing and go bowling. These little crime-fighting missions catch the eye of a mysterious woman, who watches them from afar one night as Bob and Lucius save several people from a burning building (and are nearly arrested).

Shortly after this, Bob is fired from his job when he throws his boss through several walls. The incident is covered up by government agents who deal with Super-related problems (the NSA). When Bob gets home, he discovers a mysterious package in his briefcase. In it is a video message delivered by the woman who had been watching him and Lucius the other day. She indentifies herself as Mirage and addresses Bob as Mr. Incredible, saying that she knows who he is but his secret is safe. She goes on to say that she represents a top secret division of the government that designs and tests experimental technogloy on a remote island. The island is currently under attack by one of their own creations, a robot known as the Omnidroid 9000. To stop the robot, they need the special skills of a Super - a Super like Mr. Incredible. Bob accepts the proposition and calls Mirage. He doesn't tell Helen about how he was fired. Instead, as an excude for why he will be going away, he tells her that his work is sending him to a conference.

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