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Most Pixar films are accompanied by a short film. The one that comes with The Incredibles is titled Boundin'. This short film tells the story of a little lamb living on the mountain plains. He has a thick, gorgeous coat of wool of which he is quite proud. So much so that he has to dance! The lamb will dance around his arid home while the other desert animals (prairie dogs, fish, an owl, and a snake) watch him and join in the fun.

One day, a truck pulls up to the little lamb's home, and he is taken away and sheared. He's returned to his rock completely shaved and looking quite sad. To add insult to injury, it is pouring rain.

The little lamb is ashamed of his new appearance, and all the other animals laugh at him. Fortunately, a friendly and encouraging jackalope appears. He asks the lamb, "Why the mope?", and the lamb tells about how he used to have a glorious coat of wool, only now he looks ridiculous and is all pink. The jackalope can't see anything wrong with this, and explains to the lamb that he still has "a body, good legs and fine feet", and a lot to be happy about, so he should keep on dancing wool or no wool. The lamb takes his advice and dances again.

Now, the little creature doesn't mind being sheared every spring; in fact, he doesn't care at all about being pink. He just keeps on dancing, or boundin', as it were. :)

Boundin' was written and directed by Bud Luckey, an animator for Pixar and the designer of Toy Story series' Woody. Luckey also provided the narration and the voices of the lamb and jackalope.

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