Real Name: ???
Alias: Mirage
Powers: None
Height: ???
Weight: ???

From her name to her intentions, Mirage is one mysterious character. She is something of a talent scout for Syndrome, tracking down known Supers and reporting back to her boss on what she finds out about them. It is she who gives Bob the video invite to the island of Nomanisan to try and defeat the rogue robot, and she fills him in on all his missions thereafter, as well. Mirage also takes on the role of "entertainer", if you will, dining with Mr. Incredible and explaining why her boss (Syndrome) prefers not to join them.

Later on, we see that Syndrome and Mirage may be more than just evil villain and assistant, respectively. Syndrome refers to her as "Sweetheart" and even tries to kiss her. However, Mirage is quick to brush him off, since he had just risked her life at the hands of Mr. Incredible. Speaking of, Mirage has a clear soft spot for Bob. She also appears to have a stronger conscience than Syndrome, as she hesitated to send out the missiles to take out Helen's plane. I believe it is her fondness for him that ends up making her switch sides from bad to good. She ends up helping the Parrs get back to the city of Metroville after their escapade on the island.

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