lucius best aka frozone

Real Name: Lucius Best
Super Name: Frozone
Powers: Freezing Ability
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180 lbs

Lucius Best is the only other Super we really get to know outside of the Parr family. Lucius is best friends with Bob, and the two of them listen to police scanners in order to do vigilante work. However, Lucius is more reluctant to do it than Bob is, stating that he would actually like to go bowling for a change (which is what their wives think they are doing). According to Lucius, the only person from the old days who he still keeps in touch with is Bob. It would be safe to say that Lucius is more comfortable living the civilian life than his best friend is.

Lucius' Super identity is Frozone. His super powers allow him to take moisture from the air to create ice. He can use the ice to literally freeze bad guys in their tracks. He can also create paths of ice to glide along, allowing him to get around very quickly. He sometimes will use a retractable snowboard for even more efficient movement. These abilities can all be seen when Frozone helps the Parrs in the battle against the Omnidroid.

Like Bob, Lucius is married. He and his wife Honey live in a posh-looking apartment in the city. Honey is never seen, but we do hear her off-screen. She is aware of her husband being a Super.

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