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Here are some links to websites related to The Incredibles. You will also find here links to our fansite affiliates. On that note, if you would like to affiliate with Dynamic Family, please email me! I will gladly accept any kind of fansite (general series, character, relationship) related to Pixar or any general series fansite dedicated to an animated film that is not Pixar. (eg. Disney only, Dreamworks, etc.)

official sites

Pixar Site
Disney Site

related fansites

Sites marked with a ♥ indicate an affiliate.
Locks of Love: a fansite to Disney's Tangled
Photosynthesis: a tribute to EVE of Disney-Pixar's WALL•E
Fly Again: a tribute to Clarion & Milori of Disney's Tinker Bell series ♥
Love You to the Moon: a tribute to Bing Bong of Disney-Pixar's Inside Out
Good Ol' Ev!: a tribute to Evinrude of Disney's The Rescuers

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