jack-jack parr

Real Name: Jack-Jack Parr
Super Name: n/a
Powers: Shape-shifting, bursting into flame
Height: 30"
Weight: 25 lbs

Jack-Jack is the youngest member of the Parr family. As Violet states at one point in the film, "...he's not even toilet trained!" Early on, it's believed that he doesn't have any super powers. Jack-Jack appears to be a normal, happy baby who enjoys attention from his mother and father.

Because he is so young, Jack-Jack is left at home with a babysitter when Violet and Dash decide to stow away on the plane Helen takes to look for Bob. When Helen calls the babysitter to see how Jack-Jack is, she gets a series of odd messages. Kari, the babysitter, says that strange things are going on, and with each new message she is more panicked, until finally she she states that Jack-Jack has "special needs". She also thanks the Parrs for sending a replacement sitter, who turns out to be Syndrome. This is when we find out that Jack-Jack does indeed have super powers. As Syndrome tries to take Jack-Jack to his plane, the baby bursts into flames, and turns into a little red demon before finally turning to metal. This causes Syndrome to drop him, but he is caught and safely returned to the ground by his mother.

So, Jack-Jack is living proof that big things come in little packages. And he also proves that despite not even being potty-trained, the boy can certainly take care of himself!

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