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Hi there! Welcome to Dynamic Family (formerly Save the Day), a fansite and fanlisting dedicated to The Incredibles, the 2004 movie released by the creative minds of Disney and Pixar. Packed full of action and lots of fun, The Incredibles is just that - incredible. It is the first Disney • Pixar movie to be rated PG, and the first to have an all-human cast. Stunning visuals, a creative story, and fun, relatable characters make this movie a can't-miss.

Navigation can be found above. This website provides plenty of information on the movie itself, but since the characters in The Incredibles are each so interesting and unique, I wanted to put a lot of focus on them, as well. So they are given their own section. You'll also find some media goods here in addition to being able to list yourself as a fan of the movie. And even though it's been out for over seven years, I'll still warn you that there are unmarked spoilers here.

All that being said, please explore and have fun! Thank you for visiting and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions/comments you may have. :)


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