helen parr aka elastigirl

Real Name: Helen Parr
Super Name: Elastigirl
Powers: Flexibility & Stretching
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 125 lbs

Helen Parr was once known as the Super Elastigirl, being able to stretch great lengths and use her flexibility to get out of sticky situations. They are very fitting powers for the now busy mother of three. Helen appears to be much more at ease with being in retirement from super hero work than Bob does. This means that she is often the one to deal with the children when they get into trouble at school or start fighting with each other. Though she loves her husband, she gets tired of his preoccupation with the past.

Despite her feelings on fighting crime, Helen is ready and willing to use her powers when the situation calls for it. She is quick to jump into action when she learns that Bob is not really at a conference but could very well be in trouble. It's here we learn that Helen is even cooler than first thought - she knows how to fly planes! She also proves to be cool under fire when the plane she is flying is blown up. With her two older kids alongside her for all of this, we also witness her frim parenting skills as she develops a plan to get them all to safety. She very much embodies the term "Super Mom".

Though she is a Super, Helen is not bulletproof. She has her doubts and worries, too. At one point in the film, she has reason to suspect that Bob may be cheating on her (though we, the audience, know this is not true). She also is aware of her appearance, as we see her in one scene checking out her bottom in a mirror. So Helen is an excellent example of how Supers, despite their powers and status, are still human.

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