edna mode

Real Name: Edna Mode
Nickname: E
Powers: Fashion Genius, Dahling!
Height: 3'8"
Weight: Not telling, Dahling!

Edna Mode, or "E" as she is also known, is a brilliant fashion designer. She originally worked for the Supers, designing their supersuits. However, since the Supers were banned from hero work, Edna had to find other clients. When Bob visits her after his original supersuit is torn by Syndrome's robot, Edna is designing clothes for super models. This is clearly a gig she is unhappy with, as she says "I used to design for gods". The "gods" being Supers, of course.

Edna is a very spirited woman and not afraid to speak her mind. She even insults her own work (Bob's original supersuit). However, she is clearly a genius, as she designs a unique suit for each member of the Parr family, each one customized to work with that indiviual's super powers. (You can't tell me Violet's suit, which disappears as she does, isn't totally awesome.) Edna is also aware of the dangers that can come with capes, so is sure to leave them out of her designs.

Edna clearly cares about the Supers, at least the Parrs. She attended Bob and Helen's wedding and she is there to root Helen on when she suspects Bob of cheating on her. One can only imagine how happy she must have been when the Supers were allowed to return to their job of saving the world.

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