dash parr

Real Name: Dashiell "Dash" Parr
Super Name: n/a
Powers: Super Speed
Height: 4'0"
Weight: 65 lbs

Dash is the middle Parr child and also the most mischievous. Unlike his sister Violet, who wishes for normalcy, Dash enjoys having super powers. He even uses them at school, to cause trouble for his teacher. And despite having been caught on tape placing a tack on the teacher's chair at super-speed, Dash is too fast to be seen and goes unpunished (at least at school). Still, I think he does have some sort of desire to be normal, as he refers to Jack-Jack as lucky for not having powers.

Naturally, Dash and his older sister Violet get into fights. Dash does not hesitate to instigate these fights, nor does he hide his disappointment when Violet is put in charge of him. At the end of the day, though, Dash is a good brother who really cares for his sister. When he and Violet are left alone on Nomanisan Island, he proves this by attacking one of Syndrome's men, who is about to shoot Violet. "Don't touch my sister!" The two oldest Parr kids have what is a relatively normal relationship, then; yes, they fight, but they care about each other nonetheless.

Despite his super speed, Dash is allowed to go out for the track team. He even wins second place at a track meet, with some "direction" from his parents. (He likely would have gotten first, but Bob and Helen didn't want it look suspicious.) I don't think Dash minds, though. As long as he can fight bad guys with his family, he should be happy.

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