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The characters of The Incredibles are certainly one of my favorite aspects of the movie. Each member of the Parr family has his/her own conflicts to deal with, whether it's related to their powers, or "normal human" stuff, or both. And of course the bad guy of the story has his issues, too.

Not only are the characters colorful, but there are some really fascinating relationships to cover as well. Whatever you are looking for character-wise, hopefully you will find it here!

character profiles

Click on a character's image to be taken to their profile page. Please note that the statistics listed on most of the characters' pages were taken from a poster for the movie. However, the actual profiles were written by me.
Bob Parr aka Mr. Incredible Helen Parr aka Elastigirl Violet Parr Dashiell 'Dash' Parr Jack-Jack Parr
Lucius Best aka Frozone Edna Mode Buddy Pine aka Syndrome Mirage Others

important relationships

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