bob parr aka mr. incredible

Real Name: Bob Parr
Super Name: Mr. Incredible
Powers: Super strength & agility
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 350 lbs

Bob is the head of the Parr family and, as Mr. Incredible, also the most famous/popular of the Supers. His wife is Helen Parr, another Super known as Elastigirl. They have three children: Violet, Dashiell "Dash" and Jack-Jack. All of the children have super powers as well, though Jack-Jack's are not revealed until much later.

Bob has noticable trouble adjusting to life as a "normal" person. Even fifteen years after Supers are banned from doing hero work, he still misses the glory days of crime fighting and saving the world from certain doom. He has a boring job as an insurance agent, deals with traffic jams, and even appears unhappy at home (though he still certainly loves his family). This bothers Helen, who wishes Bob would let the past go and focus more on his family.

It is not until he is given the chance to use his powers again that Bob perks up. He and Helen appear more attentive toward each other (think romanctically), and Bob is seen spending lots more quality time with his children. It's quite apparent that being a Super makes Bob happy, and he has no shame in his special abilities (no matter what the government or anyone else thinks of him).

By the movie's end, it would be safe to say that Bob has a wonderful life. He can spend more time with his family and even be a Super in public again. And what's really great is, he can do both at the same time!

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