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This website was opened under the name Save the Day on January 21, 2005. (Hard to believe it's been over seven years now!) It was just a fanlisting then, and remained just a fanlisting for a very long time. When I opened it, I wanted to include some extra information on the movie, but it never happened. Not until October 2011, that is, when the General Series Fansite Marathon was announced at the shrining community Amassment. That gave me the final push I needed to add all the content (and more) I've been wanting to add to the site. Now it can serve as a nice resource for any fan of The Incredibles, whether you are looking for the fanlisting or readables, or both!

the layout and name

The current layout was created in PSP9. I used very little resources; in fact, I only used one brush in it (credit for which can be found here). However, I did do a lot of fiddling around with the main image's colors and effects. As often happens when I am making layouts, I got the results by accident. But I like it, even though it follows the popular horizontal trend.

As I mentioned above, the name of the site was formerly Save the Day. I got that off an Incredibles movie poster, so obviously it was very fitting. But when I knew I would be expanding it into a fansite, I thought a name change might be nice and give it a fresh start. So I decided upon "Dynamic Family", which is a play on the term "family dynamic". For, if you've seen the movie, you know that the Parrs, with their super powers, are very much a dynamic family. :)

the reason

Why did I make this site, you wonder? Well, I've been a Pixar fan for years now. Probably since seeing Toy Story. At that time, I was too young to realize just how amazing this animation company is. But over the years, and after seeing more and more of their films, I've grown to better appreciate their fantastic films. And not just for the animation, but for the original, often tear-jerking stories (I know you're thinking of TS3 right now) and endearing characters, as well. I remember seeing The Incredibles in the theater and being immediately blown away by it. Being the first Pixar film to have a lot of action, the graphics were just incredible. And I couldn't get over how realistic the characters were, either. They were so relatable, even for having super powers. What little boy can't relate to Dash's competiveness, or what teenage girl hasn't wished at some point or other that she could just disappear? (Although Violet really can disappear, but anyway..) Not to mention, I've always loved the relationship that the Parr family shares. They are wonderful as individuals and as a team, and they always have each other's back. Overall, The Incredibles has been in my top 3 Pixar films since it came out. After all these years, it still makes me - if you'll pardon the pun - super happy. So, to finally answer your question, I made this site to show my appreciation for what is truly a wonderful and timeless movie, and definitely one of Pixar's best.

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